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Where excellence meets state of art service to make you speak French.

Tailor-made curriculums

When you choose to learn with a private lesson program, we create a unique curriculum based on your needs, goals, and existing knowledge of the language. When you select an Anais and Co course, you can rely on our team experts who have crafted the extra-efficient curriculums. The curriculum is your key to success as it allows you and your teacher to focus on what is essential and serve your goal of speaking French.

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Unique and proven method

Anaïs and Co curriculums are backed up by the unique method we developed over the last ten years. We designed it to be logical while remaining fun. It mixes conversation, vocabulary, and grammar that we teach in your mother language until your French understanding is advanced enough. We strongly believe that having a method should not be an option. It might sound less appealing than saying you can learn like a child by listening or become fluent in 3 months by memorising words, but we are goal-oriented and have your success in mind.

Structure and diligence

While every lesson is different, they all have something in common: detailed teacher feedback. During each session, your teacher discreetly takes notes following an internally developed framework. You can find these notes afterward in your online folder. They will allow you to revise and improve on specific points should it be required. The other advantage of having notes coupled with curriculums is that you can change teachers anytime if you want without having to start from scratch again because your new Anais and Co teacher will know everything about your learning journey.

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Recruited tutors

All our tutors are hand-picked and recruited. They constitute Anais and Co jewels and are cherished to ensure they deliver the best to you while serving your goal of speaking French correctly. Being all part of the same team gives you the unique opportunity to change temporarily or permanently whenever you want to experience different accents or teaching styles.

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Regular training

All our tutors receive thorough training when they start. The training does not stop at the first lesson, and we pride ourselves on offering continuous support. We also offer our teachers the opportunity to improve the method and contribute to the weekly video publications if they wish to do so.

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Proprietary materials

Anais and Co tutors are using exclusive material that we developed internally. We have a collection of 8 books that we enrich every year. If you require to study specific materials for exam preparation, we will recommend our team’s most experienced teacher for your goal and happily use the requested materials.

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Intuitive videos

We started a new collection of videos based on the Anaïs and Co lessons. The videos will give you the unique opportunity to revise specific subjects after the sessions with your tutor. We publish a new video on the website every Sunday.

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State-of-art customer service

We take customer management very seriously. We are committed to offering the best extra-academic experience you can imagine. Our concierges are here to support, listen, and guide you before, during, and after your learning journey with Anaïs and Co.

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Anaïs and Co team taught French to people from different parts of the world, adapting the teaching method to their background, requirements, and consideration of their mother tongue. We enjoyed teaching French to university lecturers, researchers and doctors, and people working in the cinema, the music, and the media industry, such as tv producers, journalists, or musicians. We have taught French to business owners, CEOs, and members of the European Parliament. Moreover, we have delivered in-company lessons, for English companies working with French ones and, to people working for French companies. Some of them are: