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Corporate solutions

Highly reliable French learning solutions for result-driven organisations

We offer professional learning solutions to corporations and institutional organisations across the globe. By choosing Anais and Co you gain access to a pool of talented tutors and a highly efficient course catalog. If you want to explore how our unique savoir-faire and proven method can transform the French learning experience within your company, please get in touch at

About our clients

Anaïs and Co team taught French to people from different parts of the world, adapting the teaching method to their background, requirements, and consideration of their mother tongue. We enjoyed teaching French to university lecturers, researchers and doctors, and people working in the cinema, the music, and the media industry, such as tv producers, journalists, or musicians. We have taught French to business owners, CEOs, and members of the European Parliament. Moreover, we have delivered in-company lessons, for English companies working with French ones and, to people working for French companies. Some of them are: